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Owner of Molivate, LLC


  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology; Option in Exercise Science

  • Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • 2015 Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant

  • 10+ Years of Personal Trainer Experience 

  • (2) First Places in Men’s Physique Competitions

  • Third Place in Bodybuilding Competition

  • Third Place in Powerlifting Competition



Strength and Conditioning

Weight Loss and Lean Muscle Building


My passion has always been helping clients achieve their goals. Whether it is weight loss, building your strength and confidence… if you are succeeding, then I am succeeding. I do not focus on problems. I focus on solutions that will give positive results.

“Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.”

-Nelson Mandela



Based on eight sessions per month

(30 minutes of personal training twice a week)

Frequency of sessions can be increased as well




Monday – Thursday (7am-12pm // 4pm-8pm)



Thanks! Message sent.


"Molivate isn't just a quick's a complete lifestyle change! I trained with Moli and Charlie from January 2015-April 2015. During that time, I was pushed further than I ever thought I could go and learned so much about nutrition and what it takes to reach your fitness goals. Everything I learned at Molivate has helped me maintain my fitness level and even continue to improve on my strengths in the year since completing the program. Even though I haven't been officially training with Moli in the last year, he has been available for support, encouragement, advice and always welcomed me back into the gym for workouts, ensuring that I maintain everything that I worked so hard for. Once you are a part of Team Molivate, you are a Molivator for life!"


“I wanna give a huge shoutout to my brother @molivation for helping, guiding, and pushing me during this amazing journey. This concludes my training at #molivate. I have met amazing people, everyone so determined to reach their goals and always pushing each other.  I don't think there are any words I can put together to thank you Moli, you have changed me physically and mentally! Keep doing what you're doing Moli, you have changed so many lives and have many more to still change. Proud to represent the #molivate team. I will venture off on my own, keep hitting goals, cutting down weight and getting stronger. From being 263, to losing 73 lbs the most, to now a little over 60. I will get down to 185 and will wear this molivate tank proudly. Once again, thank you Moli for all your help, the molivate team for pushing me, my family and my friends.”    


“Pictures speak for itself. No one knows the time, the #dedication, the #consistency our clients put in order to achieve their bodies. People always ask, "how long?" I hate that question! Instead they should ask, "how much WORK!" Client @vness65 does her cardio early morning, 4am and then goes to work and then comes to train with me in the evenings! Mind you she has a full-time job, a husband, and two children! I am so proud of Vanessa. I push her on the daily and it definitely shows.” 

-Moli on Vanessa

“I want to start off by thanking Moli for helping me achieve a goal that I have strived to get for many years! I began my journey with Moli back in late December 2015. My goals were to drop my body fat percentage, gain lean muscle, #strength, and #endurance. Also just as important to me was to educate myself how to properly diet and exercise. The training program I received from Moli has far exceeded my expectations and goals that I had set for myself, and I am happy to say I have the results to back it up! Before training with Moli I could honestly say I was active, however I did not really know how to properly diet and exercise and I would find myself getting discouraged after not getting the results I wanted based on what in my mind was a "good" diet and a "good" workout. Moli taught me the right way to get and more importantly stay fit! On a personal level I have to say I have never met someone with so much passion for what they do! Moli is always there for you and is always motivating others to become a better version of themselves. He helps others everyday and truly makes a positive difference everyday. I am honored to have had Moli as my personal trainer and am happy to have made another friend for life! Love you Brochacho!”


“I had to take a double-take on my client Henryetta today. We started training at my old gym and she's been with me ever since. I can honestly say we have one of the best relationships. It's not just training for me. I really love to connect with my clients and build that trust and relationship with them. At 69 years old, Henri proves that age is nothing but a number. She's down -35lbs, she has increased her strengths, and best of all, Henri has more energy in her life.”

-Moli on Henryetta

"Sooo guess what? I found the picture that was the turning point for me!! Before I came to you a friend of mine took a picture of my booth, I was in the picture, but I didn't recognize myself!! In my head I thought: this poor girl in the picture looks horrible. Then I looked closer and realized it was me!!!!! That's when I locked myself in the bathroom and could not stop crying!! It was my birthday.. June 14th, after a week of depression I started following your Instagram and as my birthday gift Niloo got me my first sessions with you!!! Here is the picture that did it!!"


"Mo, I just want you to know how lucky and grateful I am to have such an inspirational figure to be my trainer, mentor, and close friend. Thanks for the pushing beyond my comfort zone and limits. Thank you for giving constant reminders to keep my head up and assuring me that everything will turn out just fine. I love how it's never a dull moment when we train together. But when is it ever with you and a client? You're fucking awesome bro!!! We both know times have been tough especially in these past few months but that didn't stop me from achieving my goals. I've completely converted into a meat head (that's what the dudes at work call me but you know what....I take that as a compliment). People call me crazy for working out past midnight after working long shifts, waking up early before class and going back after, and stopping by molivate after my work shifts even when it's not my day to train. My scoliosis can suck it!! I will get those sexy yum yum abs!! Best believe I'm going to make those gains and look my ultimate best by my birthday and on forward for the rest of my life. You will forever be one of my greatest inspirations and role models, mo!! TEAM #joli (Jess and Moli)"

No diet pills, no lapbands, NO QUICK FIXES!! My boy, client/singer @dominantiyo came in and DOMInated the program. Down a whopping -80lbs, -13inches off the waist, Domi got tired of being TIRED and took back control of his life. If he can make this change, so can you!! Hear what Domi had to say, "Hey Moli, how do i start ?? Simply by saying thank u... U and @regulocaro have pushed me and helped me through this tough journey... And i mean TOUGH because of our tours every weekend... We travel 3-4 times a week with 4-6 hours of sleep and still manage to get a good workout and a decent meal... People have asked me, "did u take any pills or dietary suppliments?" and my answer was HELL NO... I just worked my ass off and fought this battle... Im not there yet but im 80 pounds ahead... Thank u moli and reggie for this life changing experience... IF I CAN DO IT, anyone can as well... JUST DO IT... #TeamMolivate #TeamNoTacos

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